Game info

Game ID eAW8oPCSkQVOglRcxWyQKx3B4L77jA7a
Server version 3.0.91-dev
Start date 2019-08-05
End date 2020-04-14
Game type pbem
Ruleset classic
Master None
Mode Players Alternate
State OVER
Turn 214

World map

Worldview of last turn

History of the world

Animation of players area


Color Flag Leader Nation User Delegation Team AI Is alive Idle turns Turns alive Free Done moving Map
Flag of the Salishan nation Janusz85 Salishan janusz85 0 False False 1 212 False True
Flag of the Galician nation Menada Galician menada 1 False False 4 209 False False
Flag of the Ghaznavid nation Robert74 Ghaznavid robert74 2 False True 1 213 False True
Flag of the Papal nation Jacekj Papal jacekj 3 False False 11 203 False False