Freeciv-web server id: 6012

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Version Patches Capabilities State Ruleset Server ID
3.0.91-dev none +Freeciv.Devel-3.1-2018.Nov.20 CityCanBuild CityTileOutput HtmlMessages GotoPF TileInfo Running Classic ruleset
Flag Leader Nation User Type
pirate Anne Bonny Pirates Unassigned Barbarian
choctaw Greenwood LeFlore Choctaws Unassigned A.I.
sikh Har Krishan Sikhs Unassigned A.I.
california JerryBrown Californians JerryBrown Human
brittany Klaoda Bretons Unassigned A.I.
afghanistan Mahmud Ghaznawi Afghanis Unassigned A.I.
baden Max von Baden Badians Unassigned A.I.
dahomey Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh Dahomeans Unassigned Dead
barbarian Theodoric Barbarians Unassigned Dead
england William the Conqueror English Unassigned A.I.

Name Value
aifill 8
allowtake H1Ah1adOo
endturn 7000
generator RANDOM
maxplayers 32
minplayers 1
size 5
timeout 0
turn 174
year 1230
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